History and Mission



Atisav Pharma is a recent portuguese formed pharmaceutical company.
Founded in 28 February 2016.
Born from the dream of someone with more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, teaching and clinical practice.
Born from the dream of someone willing to create, shape, grow and learn every day on this business for the people well being.
Atisav Pharma started its activity having as starting point food supplements and in close partnership with another companies for medicines and cosmetics.

We are now devoted to food supplements and nutraceuticals which we believe it’s the future of well being for people.
We have this vision, this dream, to be a very important player in this global sector of pharmaceutical products.
We develop high-quality products according to the market demands.
Atisav Pharma chooses judiciously their manufacturers, European Companies, with Manufacturing Licences and Good Manufacturing Practice issued by Health Authorities of the respective countries. All ingredients are carefully chosen and also analyzed by our manufacturers.
We develop our products and formulations in strict compliance with the rules of the European Union, both in terms of production, storage and the information available to the consumer.

We have therefore all the necessary documentation, among which we highlight:

  • Free Sales Certificates
  • Manufacturing authorization
  • GMP
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Site Master Files
  • Samples
  • Halal Certificates

But we also have: The flexibility to generate documents according to the requirements of the country concerned.
The flexibility to generate artwork in the original languages of the countries to which we export.
And we have this big dream of being GREAT in conjunction with our customers, the reason of our existence and still do according to our values a healthier humanity.
We only exist to serve our costumers and people around the world.

Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.

Les Brown